Live Life To The Fullest

Live Life To The Fullest

Four women with only one goal. Live life to the fullest! The only thing left to do is hop in a 35 foot RV and tour around the country. I mean… why not? Right? This is my new life.

After graduating high school and finishing my very first album, Cant Stop The Girl, I have been determined to talk to strangers against my mom’s rule while growing up. Of course, meeting other musicians is also high on the list of things to do. Each chance I get I’m shaking hands with a guitarist or new fan. If you think this is easy, I can assure you it is not. Some musicians are so friendly that they invite me up on stage with them on sight; others won’t even look at their audience let alone shake my hand.

Our neighbors have been funny in that way too. I bet it’s hard to believe that our earthshaking home of an RV has broken a few dishes. Our coffee pot included. A devastation to us all let me tell ya. Thankfully, one of our lovely neighbors, Kathy, let us come over in the mornings to have a cup from her outdoor coffee kitchen. Unlike our grouchy neighbor in Arkansas, who knocked on our door to tell us we were being too rowdy, when we were simply eating dinner. People can be weird, but I think that makes life all that more interesting.

People aside, there are some other challenges that come with this tour. For example, money. My pay is never a promise. Maybe the weather cancels a show (like when Hurricane Irma drove us out of Florida (or when Hurricane Harvey had us fleeing my home state of Texas)) or I fall sick one day. This causes some tension. Sometimes, I find myself digging out of the coin jar and eating Ramen for breakfast. Other days, I find myself paying for everyone’s dinner and buying extra snacks for the road. As I’ve said many times, money is just an object, but living life is the purpose of survival.

Our life is always an adventure. Its spontaneous, rIsKy, EXCITING, cRazy, and surpRISING at times. My grandma, who is one of the four ladies on this adventure, fits all of these categories. Her spontaneity somehow sold me an album. She was casually chatting away at a gas station we had stopped at and she caught one lady’s attention. The kind, fun woman was so intrigued by our journey that she decided to buy an album on the spot to see what I was all about. Way to go G-maw! She always meets the right people. The other day she helped me find a singing gig at a Farmers Market after hours of unsuccessful calling from my end.

It’s funny! We ladies have experienced two types of reactions to this new type of living. One: “No boys?! Good for you!” or the seemingly more common response: “No boys?! Good luck!” I’m not sure which comment is more relative. The one that implies we are better off without men or the one that implies we might tear each others’ heads off without them.

I can tell you one thing. My best friend, Makayla, and I have grown as close as sisters the past couple of months. As sweet as that sentiment can be, it’s also a struggle. A struggle of who calls shot gun, who gets the last fry, or who can win at a game of air hockey. It’s me, by the way, but I’m not one to boast. All the same, I find her encouraging me everyday to practice my guitar, take a break to swim, and laugh until I have no air left to sing. I couldn’t have asked for a better sister to bring me more joy than I already have.

This trip may never have started if it wasn’t for my mom. She has wanted to live in an RV for years. With her support, I feel unstoppable. I’ve given her the official title of “Momager”. It suits her considering she helps me manage my social media and work life.

God has blessed me so much. It’s time to be apart of something bigger than myself. It’s time to give music a new sound and put a dent in this RV.